Research Activities (selected)

‌Honors & Awards

Kogod Faculty Award for Outstanding Research  |  Kogod School of Business  |  American University
Best Paper  |  Showcase Research Symposium on Immigration and Strategy  |  Academy of Management Annual Meeting
Kogod Faculty Award for Outstanding Research  |  Kogod School of Business  |  American University
Kogod Research Professorship Award (2020-2023)  |  Kogod School of Business  |  American University
Kogod Faculty Award for Outstanding Research  |  Kogod School of Business  |  American University
POSCO (The Pohang Iron and Steel Corporation) Research Fellowship Award  |  The East-West Center
Competitive Research Grant Awards (2015 - 2017)  |  Korean Studies Grants  |  The Academy of Korean Studies
Finalist of the Wiley Blackwell Outstanding Dissertation Award  |  The Academy of Management
Honorary Mentions  |  Anti-Corruption Research Network Research Paper Competition  | Transparency International
Competitive Research Grant Award  |  The Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)  |  The George Washington University

Research Cited beyond Google Scholar

Global Anti-corruption Efforts


American University

Export-Import Management  
|  Advanced Undergraduate and Graduate

Fundamentals of International Business - Kogod Honors Program  

|  Undergraduate with Kogod Honors   

Fundamentals of International Business  
|  Undergraduate

HEC Montréal

International Financial Management  
|  Undergraduate

Landscape and Challenges of International Business  
|  Graduate (MA in International Business)

Corporate Governance: An International Perspective
|  Ph.D. (Co-teaching)

George Washington University

International Business Finance  
|  Undergraduate

The International Financial Environment  
|  Undergraduate

‌Teaching | Thank You!

"... I learned a lot in this class. I can see my progress from my two exams and other assignments. Every meeting and discussion this semester is very meaningful... Thank you so much!.”

J. B., Fall 2020‌‌‌

“... thank you for a great semester. ... You have been one of my only professors that make me forget that this is an "online semester" and make it feel like any regular class. Thank you again. ... ”

C. K., Fall 2020

"... Thanks for being there and giving us all the support and good useful advice. ... I really love the class! Thank you for the very clear lecture recording and I think it really helped,... I appreciate everything you taught and hope we can meet again.”

T. G., Spring 2020

“... It really seems like it was just yesterday that I was sitting in your office, worried about how I would create a pathway for myself in international business without even an international business minor. ... I am really grateful for you because I am able to practice so much of what you taught us last semester!. ... ” 

E. K., Spring 2020

“... I really enjoyed the material we covered ... I know I can speak for a lot of your students when I say your teaching style and the sheer amount of joy you bring into the classroom makes a big impact on the class environment and I wanted to thank you for that.”

R. M., Fall 2019

“... Thank you so much for providing the feedback! This really helps me a lot as I continue on with my education and time at AU. ... Thank you again for a great semester.” 

J. G., Spring 2019



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