Research Activities (Selected)

Wider Impact: Citations of Research Beyond Google Scholar

‌Honors & Awards

Editorial Review Board, Journal of International Business Studies (2024-present)
Kogod IB Research Professorship (2023-present)
Kogod Faculty Award for Outstanding Service 
Kogod Faculty Award for Outstanding Research
Best Paper | Showcase Research Symposium on Immigration and Strategy | Academy of Management Annual Meeting
Chair | Kogod Faculty Council, Kogod School of Business | AY 2021-2022
Kogod Faculty Award for Outstanding Research
Kogod Research Professorship (2020-2023)
Vice Chair | Kogod Faculty Council, Kogod School of Business | AY 2020-2021
Kogod Faculty Award for Outstanding Research
POSCO (The Pohang Iron and Steel Corporation) Research Fellowship Award | The East-West Center
Competitive Research Grant Awards (2015 - 2017) | Korean Studies Grants | The Academy of Korean Studies
Finalist of the Wiley Blackwell Outstanding Dissertation Award The Academy of Management
Honorary Mentions | Anti-Corruption Research Network Research Paper Competition | Transparency International
Competitive Research Grant Award | The Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) | The George Washington University

Global Anti-corruption Efforts

Teaching Experience

American University
Fundamentals of International Business  
| Undergraduate (
In-person, Online, Hybrid)
| Spring 2023 In-Person Course Teaching Rating: 
   5/5 with a Response Rate of 94%

Fundamentals of International Business -
AU Habits of Mind  
| Undergraduate (In-person, Online, Hybrid)

Fundamentals of International Business - 
Kogod Honors Program  
| Undergraduate with Kogod Honors
Export-Import Management   
| Advanced Undergraduate and Graduate
HEC Montréal
International Financial Management  
| Undergraduate

Landscape and Challenges of International Business  
| Graduate (MA in International Business)

Corporate Governance: An International Perspective
| Ph.D. (Co-teaching)
George Washington University
International Business Finance  
| Undergraduate

The International Financial Environment  
| Undergraduate

‌Teaching | Thank You!

"... I've truly enjoyed your class and it has even one of my favorite academic experiences in my life."
I. S., Spring 2023
"... I also learned a lot from chatting with you. Not only knowledge, but more ideas. Your care for me made me feel the warmth of family in a foreign country..."
S. L., Fall 2022
"... thanks to you for an awesome semester ... I wasn’t sure what to expect, but because of professors like you, I’m off to a great start on the business track at AU. ... You are so invested in all of us, and that means a lot. ... I’m not sure what path I want to take in Kogod yet, but you’ve given me a lot to think about. ... and I can’t thank you enough for an excellent introduction."
L. O., Spring 2022
"... I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful semester in IBUS! I’ve learned many new concept from your class and I’m much more confident now in my foundational skills. ..."
J. M., Fall 2021
"... thank you for being a great professor and for a great class. Having international business at first was scary as a female because I feel as if in a lot of countries it’s rare to see females with the major due to culture standards. But I wanted to say thank you, because after taking your class I definitely feel more confident with my choice and want to continue learning about it...."
A. A., Fall 2021
"... I learned a lot in this class. I can see my progress from my two exams and other assignments. Every meeting and discussion this semester is very meaningful... Thank you so much!.”
J. B., Fall 2020‌‌‌



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4400 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016, U.S.A.
Office:  +1 (202) 885 1887