Research Activities (selected)

Honors & Awards

Kogod Faculty Award for Outstanding Research  |  Kogod School of Business  |  American University
Kogod Research Professorship Award (2020-2023)  |  Kogod School of Business  |  American University
Kogod Faculty Award for Outstanding Research  |  Kogod School of Business  |  American University
POSCO (The Pohang Iron and Steel Corporation) Research Fellowship Award  |  The East-West Center
Competitive Research Grant Awards (2015 - 2017)  |  Korean Studies Grants  |  The Academy of Korean Studies
Finalist of the Wiley Blackwell Outstanding Dissertation Award  |  The Academy of Management
Honorary Mentions  |  Anti-Corruption Research Network Research Paper Competition  | Transparency International
Competitive Research Grant Award  |  The Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)  |  The George Washington University

Research Cited beyond Google Scholar

Global Anti-corruption Efforts


American University

Export-Import Management  
|  Advanced Undergraduate and Graduate

Fundamentals of International Business - Kogod Honors Program  

|  Undergraduate with Kogod Honors   

Fundamentals of International Business  
|  Undergraduate

HEC Montréal

International Financial Management  
|  Undergraduate

Landscape and Challenges of International Business  
|  Graduate (MA in International Business)

Corporate Governance: An International Perspective
|  Ph.D. (Co-teaching)

George Washington University

International Business Finance  
|  Undergraduate

The International Financial Environment  
|  Undergraduate

Teaching | Thank You!

"... Thanks for being there and giving us all the support and good useful advice. ... I really love the class! Thank you for the very clear lecture recording and I think it really helped,... I appreciate everything you taught and hope we can meet again.”

T. G., Spring 2020

“... It really seems like it was just yesterday that I was sitting in your office, worried about how I would create a pathway for myself in international business without even an international business minor. ... I am really grateful for you because I am able to practice so much of what you taught us last semester!. ... ” 

E. K., Spring 2020

“... I really enjoyed the material we covered ... I know I can speak for a lot of your students when I say your teaching style and the sheer amount of joy you bring into the classroom makes a big impact on the class environment and I wanted to thank you for that.”

R. M., Fall 2019

“... Thank you so much for providing the feedback! This really helps me a lot as I continue on with my education and time at AU. ... Thank you again for a great semester.” 

J. G., Spring 2019



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